New, 100% Veggie Treats

Veggie "Meat" Salads, Mayonnaise and Remoulade

"Meat" Salad of Tofu-Animal, Spanish "Meat" Salad of Tofu-Animal, Fresh Mayonnaise with Tofu-Egg and Fresh Remoulade with Tofu-Egg bring a fresh breeze into your fridge.

Viana TV No. 9

Bernd's Tempeh Satay Sticks and Rice Noodle Wok

Bernd Drosihn drops by to visit Attila Hildmann. The newest epsiode of Viana TV goes Indonesian: vegan tempeh satay sticks and a rice noodle wok.

Press release, 4 February 2011

Viana develops own “Organic Tofu Yeast”

“Food in little cans – can be a little surprising”


The new 100% organic sandwich spreads with “Organic Tofu Yeast”, all-new at the Bio Fach World Organic Trade Fair 2011.

Booth: 7-109


Conventional canned organic sandwich spreads contain conventional yeast as an important, defining constituent. What’s special about the new Viana sandwich spreads is that they consist to 100 % of organic ingredients, with organically grown tofu yeast.

Viana TV Nr. 8

Festive Meal - Chickin Fillet in Christmas Spice Sauce, with Vanilla Carrots, Duchess potatoes and Crumbed Brussel Sprouts

Christmas is just around the corner, and the 8th installment of Viana TV shows once again how easy healthy, tasty, festive vegan dining is.

Scientifically proven*:
Tofutown products are GMO-free

(*to be precise, Stiftung Warentest magazine, issue 9/2010, pages 20 - 23)


Products made by Tofutown are free of genetically modified organisms, as tests published by the German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest in the September 2010 issue of its monthly magazine show - for example “Viana Veggie Wiener Schnitzel” or private label products such as “Granovita Flanzenfleisch Schnitzel” or “Veggie Life Chick'n Nuggets - 8 crispy coated vegetarian nuggets”.

Canned Surprises

Organic Tofu Yeast Pâtés

The new class of yeast spreads - no longer based on conventional yeasts (also permitted in organic products until 2014), but with a newly developed organic yeast!

Press release, 4 February 2011

„TofuLeaks – The Cheese Programme“ - Viana reveals everything!

Two weeks before the BioFach World Organic Trade Fair

Viana/Tofutown present their latest innovations to the broad public on web TV: (German language show)

Booth: 7-109


Tofutown produce their own successful German language web TV channel „Viana TV“. About 30,000 downloads on YouTube alone in 2010 and rising viewer numbers since the beginning of this year say all that needs to be said.

Viana TV News no. 2

Say "cheese" - Biofach 2011 Special

Just in time for the World Organic Trade Fair Biofach 2011, here are Tofutown's newest innovations. Bernd Drosihn and Attila Hildmann present amongst other things vegan alternatives to conventional cream cheese and cheese spreads.

Viana TV no. 7

Linguini with a herb chanterelle sauce and rosemary chickin fillet

When the chanterelle mushroom is in season, this pasta dish is a must! The seventh instalment of Viana TV shows how it's done - vegan, easy to make und delicious.

Viana TV Nr. 6

Oriental Mild Burger with Pineapple

The sixth episode of Viana TV shows how to conjure up a delicious and healthy oriental burger.