Viana Tofutown News 8
18.09.05 12:49

Viana fans often ask where they can buy all those delicious Viana
specialities. The answer’s crystal clear – in virtually every health food store!
Just follow the Tofu route plan. Leave the meat counter behind you on the left hand side.

Make a bee-line to the cooler, where Cowgirl Veggie Steaks, Veggie Schnitzel and Veggie Gyros are impatiently waiting – often in the company of finest Viana Carpaccio cold cuts, choicest Real Smoked Tofu, Seitan & co. – or even the fresh Viana ravioli! The next stop is the soy drink corner. Here you can get that delicious Viana ReisActiv, creamy Coffee Creamer and more.

Finally, at the sandwi ch spread shelf you can fill up your shopping basket with such bestsellers as the Viana Sound spreads Fumé and Veggie Garden.

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