Boston Veg Fest

Boston Veg Fest

Viana was at the Boston Veg Fest.

Viana in the big wide world

Viana in the USA

Genuine Viana products, seen in a small store in Atlanta, Georgia. Viana meat alternatives have been saving the health of cowgirls, lumberjacks and urban Indians for several years now.

Having another dig

The excavators are back! Tofutown is growing and flourishing.

Tofu is having another dig at the German State of Rhineland-Palatinate. After only four years at their new premises in the Volcanic Eifel, construction is underway anew. GmbH, known for its brands Viana and Soyatoo!, is currently building an extension with an area of nearly 20,000 square feet. Especially packaging and storage facilities have become too small. They will be expanded by the end of the year.


Toronto Veg Fest

Toronto Veg Fest

Viana was a big hit at the Toronto Veg Fest, Canada.

Many intrested people visited us and tasted Viana products with great relish.


Tofu Nobel Prize

The makers of the veggie lifestyle brands Viana, Demeter Soya Alive, Soyatoo! and VeggieLife successfully introduce the quality standard IFS 4 (»International Food Standard«).